“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Jin Young “Calls Out” Kim Se Jun For Skinship With Lee So E

Jin Young teased Se Jun for holding So E’s hand during the helicopter ride!

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Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Jin Young called out Kim Se Jun over skinship!

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In Episode 7, Jin Young went to Paradise with Lim Min Su, while Se Jun went with Lee So E. Jin Young and Min Su were shocked to see Se Jun and So E holding hands on the helicopter ride. Later, Jin Young confessed that he even thought they must have already become a couple due to the skinship!

Now, Se Jun has addressed the scene in an Instagram Live with Jin Young.

The two held a live broadcast via Instagram at 5 AM KST. They showcased their unexpected friendship to fans by teasing each other the entire time…

Jin Young asked Se Jun if he noticed his reaction during the helicopter ride. Jin Young also explained to him that he was so shocked due to the skinship.

Did you see my face during the helicopter ride? I really thought there was something. I was so shocked.

— Kim Jin Young

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Se Jun laughed. He revealed that he did not know Jin Young’s shocked reaction until watching the cast’s Netflix reaction video to Single’s Inferno 2. 

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Se Jun apologized, although Jin Young said he didn’t find it offensive but rather “nice.” Se Jun didn’t want anyone to misunderstand, though. So, he explained that he did not have “motive,” meaning he didn’t want to touch So E just to initiate skinship with her.

It was nice to see, Se Jun.

— Kim Jin Young

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Se Jun quickly became embarrassed, so he stuttered through his explanation that So E appeared scared. Jin Young understood, suggesting, “So, something like calming pill…”

I held her hand not because I had ‘motive.’ …So E looked scared.

— Kim Se Jun

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Se Jun recalled that he was actually quite tired, so he was going to rest his eyes on the way to Paradise when he sensed something was wrong. He looked over at So E, who was clearly nervous, so he did his best to reassure her.

If you look at the moment again… To be honest, I was about to close my eyes. I wanted to sleep. Then when I closed my eyes, I could feel something weird next to me. I was like, ‘What’s that?’ and I saw her. She was scared, so I (reassured her), ‘It’s okay,’ ‘The ride is not scary…’

— Kim Se Jun

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Se Jun defended himself again, saying he was not trying to hold her hand flirtatiously. He was simply trying to calm her down.

Kim Se Jun: It’s not that I held her hand just like that. So, that’s why.

Kim Jin Young: Of course! I didn’t mean like that. Really. I never thought something like that. That was just… It was nice. I felt that way.

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Se Jun is so sweet and thoughtful! He even lent her his jacket too.

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