“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Shin Seul Ki Officially Signs With Agency To Expand Her Television Career

She will continue her TV career.

Shin Seul Ki, who starred in Single’s Inferno 2, has signed with Big Smile Entertainment to further her broadcasting career.

In a press release made by Big Smile Entertainment to various media outlets including Herald Pop, they have confirmed they signed Shin Seul Ki to a management contract.

We are happy to work together with Shin Seul Ki, who attracted a lot of attention through Netflix’s series Single’s Inferno 2. We will provide our full support to her so she can be active in various fields with not only her pure image but also her variety of charms.

— Big Smile Entertainment

Big Smile Entertainment is currently home to a variety of actors, including Lomon, Lee Go Eun, and Jung Da Eun.

Source: Herald Pop
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