New “Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Is The Most Shocking Yet, But He Does Have A Connection To Previous Season

He’s friends with Lee Nadine, but he’s unlike any man we’ve seen on the show before!

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Recently, Netflix announced its hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno would return with a Season 3 shortly after Season 2 concluded.

Netizens are already guessing we’ll have yet another tailor appear. Still, many are hoping for a change as Season 2 felt so similar to Season 1 in some ways.

They’re already casting for Single’s Inferno 3, and we might have an idea about one of the new contestants. They’re certainly unlike any other we’ve seen on the show thus far.

Jo Yoong Jae | Netflix

In Single’s Inferno 2, Lee Nadine caught international viewers’ attention as she is a Harvard University student and actually spoke better English than Korean. Still, she was Korean.

Lee Nadine | Netflix

Now, it sounds like she might have referred one of her American friends to join Season 3. Previously, several contestants from Season 2 appeared referred to from those who appeared in Season 1. For example, Kim Se Jun works for Oh Jin Taek, and Shin Ji Yeon and Shin Seul Ki were finalists in a pageant together.

Reddit user brgrantjr posted in a subreddit for “news, culture, and life on the Korean Peninsula,” asking if a foreigner cast in a Korean reality TV series would be a trap. He said that his friend had been on a popular Korean reality dating show that is currently casting for its next season.

So, a friend of mine from college was in a reality dating show that’s big over in South Korea. They’re currently casting for the upcoming season, and she referred me after a producer had reached out and asked for recommendations.

— brgrantjr/Reddit

Brgrantjr was shocked that she referred him to a producer since he doesn’t fit the type of contestants that have appeared on the show before. He’s a white American who is only conversational in Korean. He’s also gay, and Korea is still conservative regarding LGBTQIA+, although some recent shows have been more inclusive.

At first I thought it was bizarre bc I’m literally the diametrical opposite of everyone that has been on that show before: a white guy from LA who speaks Korean conversationally. Plus, I’m gay.

— brgrantjr/Reddit

“Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!” gained attention for a GL (Girl Love) relationship.

He thought all this would have put a stop to the casting process. Yet, they actually only got more interested. So, OP (Original Poster) was wondering whether or not he should join the cast.

These should’ve been red flags for the producers, but they just got even more excited. They told me they really liked my overall appearance and that the third season is going to be their biggest yet and a shakeup was in order. Everyone kept telling me not to worry about my lack of fluency (even my friend who was on the show wasn’t).

— brgrantjr/Reddit

Netizens responded, concerned. They worried that his story could be manipulated and he would be exploited. However, OP hoped that he could break negative stereotypes.

OP also feared he would be stuck in the situation if it turned bad. He said, “you can’t make a quick escape,” which certainly sounds like Single’s Inferno since the contestants are on a deserted island.

Despite the concerns, he was still greatly considering it…

Those who guessed that the show was Single’s Inferno were more supportive. Based on OP’s responses, the guesses are correct.


Brgrantjr has since posted his final update. After meeting with producers, he has now signed a contract.

| @brgrantjr/Reddit

He also reposted a photo from Instagram Stories. The filming will begin in the summer, and the season will premiere in December (this is always the schedule for Single’s Inferno).


Single’s Inferno 3 is undoubtedly going to be unlike any other season! We can’t wait to see it.

Source: Reddit

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