“Single’s Inferno 3” Star An Min Young Surprises Fans With Unfiltered Posts

She’s a natural beauty!

Single’s Inferno 3 contestant An Min Young gained attention for her visuals and blossoming relationship with fan favorite Lee Jin Seok.

An Min Young | Netflix
Lee Jin Seok (left) and An Min Young (right) | Netflix

Yet, when netizens discovered her Instagram, she received more criticism due to her appearance. However, it was not due to her natural appearance but rather that she appeared “unrecognizable” in all her Instagram photos and videos. Netizens accused Min Young of excessive use of Photoshop and filters.

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Min Young acknowledged the comments in an Instagram post after the show concluded. She confessed that she was “embarrassed” while watching the show because of her flaws.

Thank you everyone, I love you. And thank you to everyone who watched the show. I was so embarrassed watching my flaws and it made me want to try harder. I will become more like a docile sheep in the future.

— An Min Young

Yet, her recent Instagram posts have received a much more positive response.

Until now, An Min Young continued using excessive filters on her online content. But her last couple of photos appear way less filtered and edited as she looks like the Min Young we all came to know and love on Single’s Inferno 3. 

Netizens praised An Min Young’s beauty in the comment section. Unlike previous posts, there was no criticism calling her out for filters.




Now that’s what I’m talking about!!
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Netizens hope that An Min Young will continue to cut back on filters as she recognizes the beautiful woman we all see.

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