Here’s Why Netizens Thought It Was Okay For “Single’s Inferno” Ahn Yea Won To Have Worn Imitation Designer Goods But Not Song Ji A

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Influencer and Single’s Inferno star Song Ji A has been in a bit of a pickle recently. She was heavily criticized for having worn fake designer goods on the show, as well as showing them off on her social media. In particular, fans pointed out the Dior tube top that she wore on the show. It became a part of her iconic fashion on Single’s Inferno.

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However, the top was actually a commonly sold one on various internet shopping malls as it was a counterfeit of the brand’s pieces.

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Eagle-eyed netizens then spotted that fellow castmate Ahn Yea Won had previously also sported a blue version of the same top in a photoshoot.

Ahn Yea Won rocked the blue top with casual sweatpants and showed off her gorgeous figure but didn’t get the same level of criticism as Ji A. So it brought the obvious question: “Why was it okay for Yea Won to wear it but not Ji A?”

Netizens were quick to answer. They claimed that Yea Won had worn the top as a fashion piece and did not build up any image as a young-and-rich girl. Although it was still technically wrong of her to have worn a copy piece that infringed on the rights of the original brand and designer, Koreans did not feel as if she largely lied to the public in any way. On the other hand, Ji A had built up an image of being the carefree rich girl through her social media content, and hence, it was a huge blow to the public when it was discovered that she had been wearing knock-off pieces.

  • “If Freezia only had that Dior top as her one fake item, I don’t think things would have blown up this big. It’s because she has shoes, bags, jewelry and other clothings that are all fakes that things became like that. And as someone who dreams of creating her own brand… it’s wrong for her to buy fakes.”
  • “If she merely wore fakes, she wouldn’t have been cursed out this much.”
  • “Yea Won did not lie that it was a luxury item while wearing that. Yea Won did not promote luxury items. Yea on did not continuously consume fakes. Yea Won did not wear it purposely on broadcast. Yea Won did not try to make logos look like real goods. Yea Won did not act like she was living a luxurious life of a rich person. Yea Won did not show off replicas like they were real and take videos. Yea Won did not make profits off them. She did not fool everyone for two years.”

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