“Single’s Inferno” Co-Stars Moon Se Hoon And Cha Hyun Seung Cement Their Bromance With New Posts

The show was about romance, but this duo is about bromance.

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Netflix‘s Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno was a huge hit. Many of us tuned in weekly to find out which singles’ relationship status would change, resulting in leaving the island with a significant other.

“Single’s Inferno” poster.

To viewers’ surprise, Moon Se Hoon was one of the few lucky ones as he ended up leaving as a couple with his crush Shin Ji Yeon. They certainly had a rollercoaster journey throughout the series.

Moon Se Hoon (left) and Shin Ji Yeon (right). | Netflix

Still, many months have passed now, and a lot can happen during a period of time. So, based on recent interviews, it seems that they are currently “just friends.”

| Netflix

Does this mean that Se Hoon spent Valentine’s Day alone? Nope!

| @moonofsh/Instagram

Se Hoon actually returned to Paradise City Hotel & Resort, the “Paradise” location as seen in Single’s Inferno, and it looks just like the same room he stayed in before. He previously visited twice with Ji Yeon during filming.

| @moonofsh/Instagram

His most recent visit, however, was not with Ji Yeon…

| @moonofsh/Instagram

Instead, it was with a different Single’s Inferno co-star.

| @moonofsh/Instagram

He shared a variety of photos and videos to his Instagram account during his stay at the resort. They all radiated “boyfriend vibes,” which were perfect for the holiday.

Still, his Instagram followers were curious who was on the other side of the camera for these boyfriend-like POV shots. There was no one else in the photos, nor was a photographer tagged.

| @moonofsh/Instagram

Cha Hyun Seung: Ugh, ptooey

Kim Jun Sik: What is this? WHAT IS THIS?

| @moonofsh/Instagram

Well, the other person ended up revealing it all on his Instagram account (yes, his). Like Se Hoon, K-Pop backup dancer Cha Hyun Seung shared some shots of himself in the pool at the Paradise City Hotel & Resort.

Se Hoon (left) and Hyun Seung (right). | @502bright/Instagram

He included Se Hoon in all of his posts from the evening. So, through Hyun Seung, we found out it was he who was staying with Se Hoon.

| @502bright/Instagram

The two even held a live broadcast on his Instagram. Se Hoon appeared in a bathrobe, presumably after swimming.

It seemed that Hyun Seung arrived after he finished his schedule. So, they relaxed in the living room, eating dinner.

During the live broadcast, they interacted with fans and even did some “capture time!”

| @502bright/Instagram

The holiday didn’t end there. The two have now truly cemented their bromance status with even more Instagram posts that if anyone else had posted, it would make their followers wonder if they were dating.

Se Hoon shared a romantic photo of himself in a pool during sunset. This time, he was at Cimer Spa at Paradise City.

Again, he was not alone. Hyun Seung shared a similar shot from the same location to his Instagram shortly after Se Hoon posted.

So, clearly, they were there together and were each other’s photographers! It’s very much giving “lovestagram.”

In the comment section of Hyun Seung’s post, his bestie and fellow Single’s Inferno contestant Kim Hyun Joong (also known as Kim Hyeon Joong) appeared to tease him. Meanwhile, Se Hoon and Hyun Seung were already planning their next trip!

| @502bright/Instagram

Kim Hyun Joong: You’re scaring me, hyung.

Moon Se Hoon: Let’s go back next year. Let’s go back every year!

Cha Hyun Seung: I will try to make more money then, HAHAHA.

Se Hoon and Hyun Seung are clearly great friends now. Yet, remembering Hyun Seung’s first impression of Se Hoon being that he thought Se Hoon was in love with him makes their bromance all the more iconic.

I was getting ready after I chose the yachting activity and that’s when Se Hoon came up to me and greeted me. He kept saying he was happy to see me. I thought, ‘Is he in love with me?’

— Cha Hyun Seung

Cha Hyun Seung (left) and An Yea Won (right).

Since the show concluded, the two truly became great friends. Hyun Seung even recently visited Se Hoon’s restaurant Onlygo with their co-star Kim Jun Sik.

From left: Moon Se Hoon, Kim Jun Sik, and Cha Hyun Seung | @juncore_Instagram

Despite Single’s Inferno’s concept being about finding true love in a significant other, clearly, the contestants all found something even greater. They all made long-lasting friendships, and all the men have wholesome bromances with each other.

From left: Cha Hyun Seung, Oh Jin Taek, Choi Si Hun, Kim Hyun Joong, Moon Se Hoon, and Kim Jun Sik. | @juncore_/Instagram

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