Even A “Single’s Inferno” Contestant From Season 1 Is Whipped For Kim Se Jun

Who isn’t whipped for this man, honestly?!

Despite joining the cast later in the season, Single’s Inferno 2 star Kim Se Jun is proving to be one of the most popular contestants.

Kim Se Jun | Netflix

He not only became an instant fan-favorite among viewers…

Se Jun is also one of the most popular among his co-stars due to not only his dapper appearance but witty personality.

It turns out even those from Season 1 love Se Jun! Of course, we know already that Se Jun is friends with Oh Jin Taek since he works at Ascottage, the tailor shop owned by the Season 1 contestant.

Jin Taek isn’t the only one from Season 1 who appears to have an affinity toward Se Jun. Kim Hyeon Joong recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel 보통의현중 HYEONJOONG. He reacted to the new season of Single’s Inferno with his friend Noh Young Joo.

Kim Hyeon Joong (left) and Noh Young Joo (right) | 보통의현중 HYEONJOONG/YouTube

When Kim Se Jun appeared on screen, Hyeon Joong was reminded of meeting him…

보통의현중 HYEONJOONG/YouTube

He explained that he was shocked when seeing Se Jun. The reason why? He’s just so handsome!

보통의현중 HYEONJOONG/YouTube

Moon Se Hoon also appeared to have befriended Se Jun due to their connections with Jin Taek.

From left: Se Jun, Jin Taek’s girlfriend, unknown man, Jin Taek, and Se Hoon | @olyisacat/Instagram via @k_sunghn/Twitter

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Watch Hyeon Joong’s video below.

Source: 보통의현중 HYEONJOONG

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