“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Se Jun Befriended By An Unexpected Contestant From The Previous Season

Everyone loves him!

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Single’s Inferno 2 star Kim Se Jun might be one of the most popular contestants ever.

Kim Se Jun | Netflix

Not only was he an instant favorite among viewers…

But his entire cast (not only Lee So E) loves him!

His Ascottage coworkers adore him too!

Se Jun (center) with friends | @mrleegent/Instagram

This includes the tailor shop’s owner/CEO, season one contestant Oh Jin Taek.

Yet, it turns out that Se Jun is friendly with another Single’s Inferno contestant from Season 1

Based on recent social media activity, it appears that Se Jun was befriended by Moon Se Hoon, chef and owner of restaurant onlygo, clothing brand tedoh, and restaurant chosim.

Moon Se Hoon | Netflix

When Se Jun “confirmed” his relationship status with So E on Instagram by posting selfies with her, Se Hoon appeared in the comments section. And honestly, his reaction was the same as ours! He ships them too.

Se Jun (left) and So E (right) | @asser__kim/Instagram via @k_sunghn/Twitter

That’s not all, though. Se Jun was spotted hanging out with Se Hoon, Jin Taek, and Jin Taek’s current girlfriend. The photo was posted by Jin Taek’s pet cat’s Instagram account.

From left: Se Jun, Jin Taek’s girlfriend, unknown man, Jin Taek, and Se Hoon | @olyisacat/Instagram via @k_sunghn/Twitter

It appears Jin Taek has introduced Se Jun to a few of his Single’s Inferno co-stars. Kim Hyeon Joong also revealed that he met Se Jun.

Single’s Inferno is really just one big family!

Read more about Se Jun’s friends below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Se Jun’s Bestie Ships Him And Lee So E More Than Anyone

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