Where’s The Season 1 “Single’s Inferno” Cast Now? See What They’re Up To

The cast still keeps in contact as they walk new paths.

Following the end of the second season of Single’s Inferno, many viewers might be curious if the original couples from the first season have remained together. Here’s what all the original cast members are up to now and whether the couples have continued their romance off-screen.

1. Song Ji A

Song Ji A became a fan-favorite throughout the show and chose Kim Hyun Joong, who carried her into the sunset in the final episode. The two no longer appear to be dating, especially after Kim Hyun Joong unfollowed Song Ji A following her controversy but “remained on friendly terms.

Song Ji A and Kim Hyun Joong. | Netflix

Song Ji A was swept up in a controversy over wearing fake designer items. She later wrote a handwritten letter to apologize. Since then, she’s appeared to move on from the past.

| @dear.zia/Instagram

Song Ji A spends time regularly volunteering at a soup kitchen to feed those in need, has begun to post on her Instagram and YouTube accounts frequently, and has moved to a luxurious new home.

| @dear.zia/Instagram

2. Kim Hyun Joong

Although his romance with Song Ji A fizzled out, Kim Hyun Joong has continued to maintain his fitness and focus on running his fitness business and clothing brand.

| @__1126.1/Instagram

He owns the fitness company Mood Gym.

He also owns the lifestyle clothing brand Moohwad.

| @moohwad_official/Instagram

3. Kim Su Min

Kim Su Min joined Single’s Inferno later in the show, preventing her from growing a strong enough romantic connection with anyone on the island. Since then, she’s been busy uploading to her YouTube channel and featuring in commercials.

4. Seong Min Ji

As another late arrival to the show, Seong Min Ji didn’t leave the island with a romantic interest and still appears to be single. Even so, the model has had the time of her life since then, traveling to destinations like Paris, France and Osaka, Japan.

Seong Min Ji has also continued to book modeling jobs with many famous brands and grow her YouTube channel.

5. Oh Jin Taek

While Oh Jin Taek’s romance with Kang So Yeon survived the show’s final episode, the pair no longer appear to be together based on their social media. That hasn’t stopped Oh Jin Taek from maintaining his luxury brand Ascottage of tailored suits and shirts.

6. Kang So Yeon

After her past as a former member of the co-ed group WE came to light, Kang So Yeon became even more of a fan-favorite from the show. She even thanked fans with the special track “Loca Loca” and performed it on music shows in 2022.

Besides restarting her singing career, Kang So Yeon has found the time to maintain her fitness, appear on sports shows like Shooting Stars, and become an ambassador for brands like Adidas and Clio.

7. Moon Se Hoon

As Singles Inferno aired, Moon Se Hoon became a hot topic for his behavior towards Shin Ji Yeon. Although they left the island together in the finale, their romance also seemed to fade shortly afterward. Nonetheless, Moon Se Hoon has been busy running his restaurant onlygo, clothing brand tedoh, and other restaurant chosim.

Moon Se Hoon | @moonofsh/Instagram

Moon Se Hoon also earned the opportunity to promote brands like Burberry.

| @moonofsh/Instagram

8. Shin Ji Yeon

Since the show, Shin Ji Yeon has kept fans updated by confirming that she’s not dating anyone. Instead, she’s focused on frequently uploading content on her YouTube channel.

Known for her visuals, Shin Ji Yeon also spends time promoting luxury fashion brands like Alexander McQueen, Burberry, and Chanel.

Shin Ji Yeon | @jiiiyeonie__/Instagram

9. An Yea Won

An Yea Won and Kim Jun Sik amused viewers with the lighthearted way they picked each other in the finale. Sadly, their romance didn’t stand the test of time either. Still, An Yea Won has continued to focus on her modeling career.

She also keeps fans updated by sharing her adventures on her YouTube channel.

10. Kim Jun Sik

Since Kim Jun Sik’s time on the show, he’s been busy maintaining his fitness, running his healthy snack brand kamee, and starting a new venture. Like most of the cast, he’s continued to meet up with other contestants from the show like Shin Ji Yeon.

Shin Ji Yeon and Kim Jun Sik. | @juncore_/Instagram

Kim Jun Sik has opened up his first gallery and cafe called kamee the garden, where artists hold photo and art exhibitions.

11. Cha Hyun Seung

Although Cha Hyun Seung left the island without love, he’s continued his career as a dancer, touring with Sunmi and working with the iconic group KARA.

Cha Hyun Seung (middle) with KARA. | @502bright/Instagram

He’ll also appear on Netflix‘s upcoming fitness survival show Physical: 100.

12. Choi Si Hun

Choi Si Hun also left the island without a blossoming romance. The actor has been busy running his restaurant hanpando, his new business LAST RESORT, and acting in BL K-Drama The New Employee.

Choi Si Hun | @choi_hun2/Instagram

For even more details on what Song Ji A’s been up to in the past year, read more about how her life has changed.

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