Where Is “Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A Now? Almost A Year After The Show, Here’s What Has Changed For The Social Media Influencer

Her fame skyrocketed when the show aired.

Social media influencer Song Ji A (also known as Freezia) went viral for her participation in the hit reality dating show Single’s Inferno, which aired in the winter of 2021, almost a year ago. Viewers were in awe of Song Ji A’s idol-like visuals and cool, sassy personality.

Song Ji A on Single’s Inferno | Netflix

Although her fame skyrocketed because of the show, she was already a social media star before her appearance. For instance, a video in 2019 where Song Ji A tried on some of her favorite clothes went viral, getting over four million views.

| free지아/YouTube

She also received opportunities to debut as a K-Pop idol and even admitted to having celebrities slide into her DMs.

| @dear.zia/Instagram

However, after her appearance on Single’s Inferno, Song Ji A got swept up in controversy. The influencer eventually deleted her old posts and videos and shared a hand-written apology for fans.

Before returning to social media, Song Ji A was spotted with actress Kang Ye Won at The Catholic Love And Peace House soup kitchen. According to The Catholic Love And Peace House, the two regularly visit the soup kitchen to help.

Ji A and Kang Ye Won visit once a month and work in the kitchen. They also help hand out lunch boxes to the needy. Please keep spreading your positive influence.

—The Catholic Love And Peace House

| @catholic_lp/Instagram

Around a month later, Song Ji A made her return to Instagram, telling fans that she had “been well.”

Thanks to those that have supported me, I have been well. How have you been?

— Song Ji A

Fans seemed excited to see Song Ji A’s return, flooding her first post with supportive messages, and Song Ji A has since gone on to upload content to Instagram and YouTube regularly.

| @dear.zia/Instagram

Since her time on Single’s Inferno, Song Ji A moved to a new house that shocked fans with its extravagance.

| @dear.zia/Instagram

The social media influencer has also adopted a new dog, Bazzi, a new sibling for her other dog, Mongchi.

Song Ji A with Bazzi | @dear.zia/Instagram
Song Ji A with Mongchi | @dear.zia/Instagram

And taken up oil painting lessons as a relaxing hobby.

| @dear.zia/Instagram

In addition to Song Ji A’s usual lifestyle and fashion videos, the influencer also has a series of videos titled “Counseling Center,” where she gives fans advice on some of their pressing concerns.

| free지아/YouTube 
| free지아/YouTube 

Song Ji A even recently met Gordon Ramsay, which you can read about here.

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