“Single’s Inferno” Kim Hyun Joong Receives Backlash For Unfollowing Song Ji A After Her Fake Designer Wear Controversy

Trouble in paradise?

When Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno had concluded, we saw Kim Hyun Joong and Song Ji A skipping off into the sunset together, a happy couple.

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Although Song Ji A clarified that she was currently single after the show ended, many had assumed they would at least remain friends. After all, Kim Hyun Joong had alluded that all the cast still keep in contact with one another. Recently however, Song Ji A fell into controversy when eagle-eyed netizens found out that she had been wearing copies of designer wear on the show.

From her Chanel knit crop top…

…to her iconic pink Dior tube top, fans of the show realized that she was wearing items from internet malls that simply copied the logos of these luxury brands.

While this would not have normally been a controversy, with many people often sporting inspired pieces, it became a problem as Song Ji A had built her image on being young, rich and pretty. Her rich girl image was a huge factor of her online popularity, so naturally, some feel cheated. She soon uploaded an apology on her Instagram and acknowledged that she had been wearing some fakes.

Fellow Single’s Inferno contestant, Kim Hyun Joong, who was her final couple partner in the finale, unfollowed Ji A after her controversy broke out. He still follows all the other contestants however.

Since the end of the show, Ji A herself only had followed back all the female contestants except for Su Min. All the other contestants except for Moon Se Hoon and Su Min also still follow Ji A. However, Moon Se Hoon had never followed Ji A in the first place as he only followed those that followed him. Moon Se Hoon likewise, does not follow Su Min because she only follows her entertainment company on her Instagram. On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong only recently unfollowed Ji A.

Fans of the show began to turn against him for his decision. They have labelled him “pathetic” and a “loser” for being quick to drop Ji A. Some even alluded that he only liked her because he thought she was rich.

  • “Were you going to try to marry her because of her riches?”
  • “He’s so pathetic no matter how I see it.”
  • “Isn’t this expected? He had good feelings for her in the beginning because she was someone that wore such clothes.”
  • “Well, he did choose Freezia because of her money. She didn’t need to apologize but seeing how he unfollowed her the moment she did, it’s obvious. Anyway, she earns more than him. But once Freezia begins uploading Gucci and Balenciaga again he’ll probably follow her once more. How pathetic.”

The other cast of Single’s Inferno have been remaining silent regarding Song Ji A’s controversy.

Song Ji A's Knock-Off Scandal