“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Se Jun’s Bestie Ships Him And Lee So E More Than Anyone

His friend from work continually indicates they’re still together!

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Single’s Inferno 2‘s OTP Kim Se Jun and Lee So E appear to be going strong since the finale!

Lee So E (left) and Kim Se Jun (right) | Netflix

The two appeared very chummy in the last couple of episodes. They continued to get only closer and closer.

This seems to be the case still, too. Their recent activities have indicated that they are currently dating.

While the show was airing, social media activity among the contestants was quiet to prevent viewer speculations. Now that the finale has aired, they are free to post what they want and follow who they want. So, Se Jun and So E currently follow each other Instagram.

Lee So E follows Kim Se Jun on Instagram | @e._.soi/Instagram
Kim Se Jun follows Lee So E | @asser__kim/Instagram

They have also been very interactive on Instagram. They not only like each other’s posts but leave comments and replies.

Fans were also excited when Se Jun shared his first Single’s Inferno 2-related post, which was of him and So E. He compromised his “aesthetic” to post couple pics!

If that was not enough to confirm their relationship status, it’s the fact that those closest to him are so supportive!

As you know, Se Jun works at Ascottage, the tailor shop owned by season one contestant Oh Jin Taek.

One of his coworkers and friends, Jay Lee (@mrleegent on Instagram), has been telling us all we need to know…

In a now-deleted post, Jay Lee shared photos of himself with the couple at Ascottage.

From left: Kim Se Jun, Jay Lee, and Lee So E | @mrleegent/Instagram

It’s extra cute considering So E promised to visit the shop in the finale while she and Se Jun walked off together!

| Netflix

Jay Lee also has been following So E for a while. Of course, Se Jun’s besties would follow his girlfriend.


Jay Lee has also been replying to a lot of Single’s Inferno 2 viewer comments. The one that stood out the most, though, is that he said that the reason Se Jun was not smiling in a photo was that So E was not there.


It’s safe to say Se Jun and So E are really couple goals, and his friends ship them more than anyone!

Jay Lee later reposted one of the photos taken with Se Jun and So E. In the caption, he expressed his support for their relationship.

Se Jun also couldn’t help but comment, “So E is so cute.” He’s as down bad as ever!

Read more about their relationship below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Se Jun Reveals His First “Couple Photos” With Lee So E On Instagram

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