“Single’s Inferno 2” OTP Kim Se Jun And Lee So E Revisit Their First Date Spot In Unreleased Scene

This never-before-seen scene literally proves that they’re relationship goals!

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Netflix‘s hit Korean dating show Single’s Inferno 2 came to an end this week, and we saw three happy couples escape Inferno together.

We were all anticipating Lee So E finally having her happy ending with Kim Se Jun after all she had gone through, and it truly happened.

While Se Jun joined much later in the series, he stole viewers’ hearts with his unexpected charms. But So E had stolen his.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of these two together, and many wished that the editors had included more scenes.

Well, Netflix heard our cries and has released a new, never-before-seen unreleased clip of our favorite couple!

The scene is from the finale. While we saw many potential couples meet with their love interests before making their final decision, we had not seen So E and Se Jun have their final date.

So E explained that while she enjoyed getting to know everyone, she felt like none of it was fun anymore. So, he asked her if she also found him boring. The two flirted with each other as she teased that he was the exception.

The two walked side by side closely until arriving at their date spot. They revisited the original location from their first date. It was where Se Jun and So E talked ahead of his choosing her for his Paradise date.

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Naturally, they reminisced. Se Jun wondered if So E’s feelings had changed since then. Surprisingly, she reassured him that she never felt “awkward” toward him.

Se Jun also asked if So E had resolved her feelings in order to make the final decision. She explained that the date in Paradise had actually changed her mindset, helping her decide.

I decided to make the choice that will make me happy in that moment. I’m going to make a choice that won’t hurt me and will make me the happiest.

— Lee So E

He was happy to hear that So E would make her choice based on her own happiness. Since he met her, he only wished for her to be happy and safe.

Don’t say that to me. You’ll make me cry. I’m serious. I was a bit moved just now.

— Kim Se Jun

Se Jun encouraged her to follow her heart. Whatever choice she would make, he would be happy because she chose it for herself. Yet, she complimented him in return, and he quickly became flustered.

You should really do what you want. Whatever choice you make, I’ll always support you. I mean it. I care about you a lot.

— Kim Se Jun

Their date continued beyond that. Se Jun revealed that while they were both stranded on Inferno, he would be concerned when she was out of sight. He even discouraged her from wearing high heels, afraid she would get hurt. So, he told her that being short was one of her charms!

I felt relieved whenever I saw you. When I couldn’t see you, I would think, ‘Did she get hurt somewhere?’ I was worried you might have fallen…

— Kim Se Jun

They appeared happy just to be in each other’s presence. Before the scene concluded, an interview with So E revealed that she originally doubted Se Jun’s affection toward her due to her experience with Yoong Jae.

I think I had doubted Se Jun’s feelings for me because of my feelings for Yoong Jae. But I was able to realize how it felt to be loved and what a happy feeling that was as we spent more time together. So it was nice.

— Lee So E

We’re so glad that these two worked out!

Previously, Netflix released an unaired scene from the couple’s date in Paradise. Check it out below.

Unaired Scene Of “Single’s Inferno 2” OTP Kim Se Jun And Lee So E Leaves Netizens Wanting Even More

Watch their final date scene below.

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