“Single’s Inferno” Hyun Seung Spills On Why He Didn’t Choose An Yea Won, And Even BTOB’s Peniel Doesn’t Understand

Was she the one who got away?

When it came to Netflix‘s new show Single’s Inferno, it was definitely a whirlwind series that viewers worldwide couldn’t get enough of. The show followed single and attractive Koreans all looking for love on a secluded island away from civilization, similar to Western shows like Love Island.

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During the show, viewers became invested in the contestants, and one person that immediately caught the attention of netizens was the bubbly and unproblematic An Yea Won. As soon as she walked onto the island, she was a breath of fresh air and seemed to find a comfortable partnership with Kim Jun Sik.

Jun Sik (left) and Yea Won (right) | Netflix

Yet, this was suddenly in jeopardy when a new male contestant arrived, and it was viral backing dancer Cha Hyun Seung.

With his dazzling visuals and physique, it wasn’t surprising that everyone fell for him, including Yea Won. Yet, fans couldn’t hide their excitement when he seemed to like her back because of her charming personality.

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However, he broke everyone’s heart when he chose Song Ji A instead and, after being turned down, left the island alone while Yea Won went with Jun Sik. Yet, it seems as if nobody has forgiven him for it, and he showed this in a recent video with Yea Won where the duo spoke about the series and showcased unrivaled chemistry.

Yea Won didn’t shy away from the tough questions and straight away asked Hyun Seung, “Why didn’t you go to Heaven island with me?

Everyone noticed how much fun and laughs they had on the island, so many were surprised when he didn’t choose to go to the Paradise City hotel with Yea Won but picked Ji A instead. Hyun Seung explained that he did enjoy his chat with Yea Won, but it was a case of a lack of time together.

So, we talked at the cafeteria/ restaurant, but we hadn’t talked since, like real talk. I mean I did feel that you were a very charming person.

— Hyun Seung

Yet, despite being so handsome, it seemed like the reason was down to insecurity. Yea Won then joked that he was placing the blame on her, but it wasn’t exactly true.

I also thought you might not be interested in me. For me, I saw you with Jun Sik that one time.

— Hyun Seung

He then explained that he wanted to know Ji A more since they hadn’t spoken much on their yacht date, as she had seasickness. Yet, even though he didn’t pick Yea Won, he was always thinking about her…

You and Jun Sik went to heaven later on, and I was wondering, ‘What’s going on between ya’ll two.

— Hyun Seung

If that wasn’t bad enough, Hyun Seung revealed he had two minds when it came to his final choice, and it was between Ji A and Yea Won! Yea Won joked that it became an apology video for him after they seemed to say they’d pick each other if the circumstances were different.

Hyun Seung then joked at the end of the video that he was harassed by the question of why he didn’t pick Yea Won. He even added that BTOB member Peniel, who Hyun Seong as danced for, made fun of him for not picking Yea Won… it’s also all he speaks about when they meet, which is #relatable.

Although the two haven’t confirmed anything, their chemistry is great, and fans even speculated that they were dating after they seemingly went wakeboarding together.

Even though everyone loved the pairing of Yea Won and Jun Sik, after she confirmed that the two are no longer together and showcased this chemistry with Hyun Seung, maybe there’s hope for the duo.

You can read more from the video below.

“Single’s Inferno” Contestant An Yea Won Spills The Tea On Whether She Is Still With Kim Jun Sik

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