Would Kim Jin Young Consider Signing With A Company Like “SM, YG, Or JYP?” The “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Answers Honestly

He also opened up about what he appreciates about his current company.

Kim Jin Young is currently a part of kthd studio (known as Kick the Hurdle Studio). After his time as a ROKN UDT/SEAl, Jin Young became a content creator on YouTube, known as DEX.

Kim Jin Young | Netflix

He later signed with kthd studio, along with other content creators who specialize in military or bodybuilding content.

Jin Young’s popularity skyrocketed after his appearance in Single’s Inferno 2, where he almost instantly became a hit among the show’s contestants and viewers.

| Netflix

Although to appear in Single’s Inferno 2, Jin Young had to turn down an offer to appear on Netflix‘s other hit show, Physical: 100, where he could have appeared alongside fan-favorite contestant Agent H.

Agent H | Netflix

Thanks to his support from kthd studio and his newfound popularity, Jin Young shocked netizens with his appearance in another upcoming Netflix show, Zombieverse.

Presumably, Jin Young’s popularity will only increase as he keeps participating in exciting new content and showing off his skills, charms, and visuals.

In a recent interview with Agent H, Jin Young admits that he doesn’t really have any complaints about kthd studio since they even allow him to upload the Instagram pictures he wants when he wants.

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

Even though Agent H instantly jokes, sometimes he feels the need to guide Jin Young’s Instagram direction since it can be rather unexpected.

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But Agent H admits he appreciates that Jin Young has stayed the same despite his newfound popularity.

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

Although he asks if Jin Young plans to resign from kthd studio after their contract ends.

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And while Jin Young instantly agrees, Agent H asks if Jin Young would reconsider if he got an offer from a prominent entertainment company like “SM, YG, or JYP.”

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But Jin Young still doesn’t think he’d sign with a big agency since it would almost be like starting from scratch all over again.

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Although he would instantly be willing to sign with another agency for ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $7.91 million USD).

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And Jin Young jokingly asks a company to offer him that money “ASAP.”

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There’s no denying that Jin Young seems extremely happy at kthd studio and is already receiving great offers for shows, which you can read more about here.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Kim Jin Young Shocks Netizens By Appearing In New Netflix Show

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