“Single’s Inferno” Kang So Yeon Sends A Message To Her Fans…And Haters

“I actually cried that one time…”

Single’s Inferno brought Kang So Yeon popularity, business opportunities, and unfortunately, anti-fans.

Kang So Yeon

So Yeon, a boxing gym owner, former idol, actress, and athlete joined the cast of Netflix‘s dating-reality show to find love. After the show aired, she received messages from viewers around the world.

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In a new Q&A video, So Yeon spoke candidly about viewers’ feedback, Korea’s beauty standards, her K-Pop group’s disbandment, and more.

“When I thought that I wasn’t good enough,” So Yeon said. “a lot of my international fans told me not to listen to those negative comments, and that they are there to support me. I get those messages through my [Instagram] DM or as story responses.” 

So Yeon appreciated her fans’ encouragement. “Those [messages] made me cry,” she said. “I actually cried that one time.” 

I was struggling because of all the hate comments in Korea. I was emotionally sensitive. Of course, I did have a lot of Korean fans that were cheering for me too, but I did not expect that from the international fans, you know?

— Kang So Yeon

At the end of the video, So Yeon sent a message to both her fans and her haters.

Those who didn’t like me, I hope this video can make you think that ‘You know what? She’s been through a lot.’ Don’t hate me too much, guys. I believe in those who do like me, and I will try my best to be better.

— Kang So Yeon

Watch her video here:

Single's Inferno