“Oppa…?” — TWICE’s Sana Causes “Single’s Inferno” Kim Jin Young To Go Insane With Just One Legendary Word

We’re weak for Sana too.

Single’s Inferno‘s Kim Jin Young (also known as Dex) is known to be a huge fan of TWICE‘s Sana. He’s already claimed her to be his ideal type on broadcast. In fact, he’s been a fan of her since their debut with “Like Ooh-Aah.”

Kim Jin Young in Single’s Inferno.

It was luck for him when she turned up as a guest on his interview show. He immediately began turning red like a shy kid when she appeared.

Kim Jin Young praying to the high heavens for help after meeting Sana.

It turns out, Kim Jin Young is a year older than Sana. This meant that she had to refer to him using the term “oppa,” an honorary term used for men older than oneself. While the term itself is normal and casual, it has taken on romantic connotations in recent times. As it indicates some level of closeness, some Koreans absolutely love it when a younger girl calls them by the term! The term turned out to be a weakness of Kim Jin Young as well, for he absolutely melted when Sana delicately sounded out “oppa.”

He definitely turned red there! Netizens found the pair absolutely adorable. As Kim Jin Young is known for his carefree and confident image, it was amusing to see him turn to jelly in front of his ideal type. Even in Single’s Inferno, he has stated that he likes girls who are both cute and sexy. That’s Sana for you, alright!

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Sana captivates people.
  • Oh right, Dex said he likes TWICE. Daebak, daebak.
  • Argh, this is so fun.
  • Dex’s face is on fire. Sana is so pretty.
  • He really looks out of it LOL.
  • Sana-chan.
  • Wow, I’m a girl but I’m jealous of Dex.
  • Sana…
  • They both look alike.
  • Sana is so pretty, wow.

Catch the full interview below.


Source: theqoo


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