“I Still Think Of Her…” — Netizens Speculate That “Single’s Inferno” Seul Ki And Jin Young Might Just Be Rekindling Their Feelings For Each Other

That’s kinda sus…

Following recent speculations that Single’s Inferno’s Kim Jin Young and Nadine Lee may be seeing each other, others have disagreed, choosing to speculate that it is Shin Seul Ki that Jin Young is with.

During the final selection on the show, Jin Young had chosen Seul Ki. Seul Ki went with Jong Woo instead, for Jong Woo had been unwavering in his affection for her. But a year post-show, it is Jin Young that Seul Ki has been interacting with the most online. When Seul Ki recently posted about her graduation performance, Jin Young complimented her for being “super cool.”

| @cheonsuseul/Twitter

In fact, he has been consistently commenting on most of her posts.

Another clue was when Jin Young guested on comedian Jang Sung Kyu’s show. Jin Young confessed that he still thinks about Seul Ki from time to time. He named her as one of the rare few to have had such a huge impact on him. Jang Sung Kyu asked Jin Young if he felt a reality check or felt hurt after not being chosen.

To be honest, I think [it would last] for more than 8 months… or even up to now. It’s hard to meet someone in your regular life, that can make such a huge impact. It might sound like I’m obsessive but I think of [it] every now and then.

— Jin Young

Given that the interview was aired around June, Jin Young’s feelings for Seul Ki have been lingering for a long time.

During Seul Ki’s graduation performance in late June, he also presented her with a bouquet of flowers. He also was the one standing next to her in group photos. The rest of the Single’s Inferno cast had also come to the show.

Seul Ki also chose this photo with Jin Young’s bouquet as her cover photo for the carousel.

Fans also noted that Jong Woo had deleted not only the photo booth photos with Seul Ki from his profile, but also unfollowed fan accounts for the couple.

With all the speculation going on, only time will tell!

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