Netizens Find “Evidence” That “Single’s Inferno 2” Stars Kim Jin Young And Lee Nadine Might Finally Be Dating

Could they be a couple?

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Netizens believe that Single’s Inferno 2 stars Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young (also known as DEX) might finally be dating.

Kim Jin Young (left) and Lee Nadine (right) | Netflix

Despite Jin Young’s persistent interest in Shin Seul Ki throughout Single’s Inferno 2, viewers have long shipped him with Lee Nadine since he joined the cast.

So, many were disappointed (and even quite upset) when Jin Young chose Seul Ki over Nadine in the finale. On the other hand, Nadine thought it was funny how Jin Young teasingly stood by her before leaving to go to Seul Ki.

Following Season 2’s conclusion, the cast held live broadcasts to update fans since it was filmed a while ago. In one Instagram Live with co-stars Jo Yoong Jae and Park Se Jeong, Jin Young talked a lot about Nadine. He praised her for being charming, smart, sexy, etc. He even promised to date her someday.

She’s very gorgeous and smart and fashionable and different culture. …She’s very charming!

— Kim Jin Young

Jinyoung saying he’s gonna date Nadine someday on his ig live
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So, it was not surprising that when Jin Young and Nadine collaborated on their YouTube channels, he continually attempted to shoot his shot. He not only commented that they looked good together, but he asked her mom if she’d approve of him dating her daughter!

It appeared that the only thing keeping the two from making it official was Nadine’s studies in the U.S. She recently completed her pre-med…

Now, netizens believe Nadine and Jin Young are finally dating.

| Netflix

As eagle-eyed viewers noticed during Single’s Inferno 2, Lee Nadine loves to read. Previously, she shared that one of her favorite books was Paul Kalanithi‘s non-fiction autobiographical book When Breath Becomes Air. She has re-read it four times.

So, netizens could not believe it was a mere coincidence when Nadine’s favorite book made an appearance with Jin Young recently.

Jin Young’s agency kthd. studio (also known as Kick the Hurdle Studio) celebrated the star’s birthday, sharing photos via Instagram, wishing the followers a “Happy Dex Day.” 

In his special birthday photoshoot, Jin Young was posed with a book. Of course, it was none other than When Breath Becomes Air, and it appeared to be in English.

Could it even be Nadine’s copy?

| @kthd.studio_official/Instagram

The video below went viral with 1M views at the time of writing. Netizens joked that Jin Young is now interested in medical books, and while Nadine might have fallen first, “he fell harder.”


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Still, Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young have not confirmed their relationship status.

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