“Single’s Inferno”‘s Moon Se Hoon Confesses His Ideal Type Changed After Meeting Shin Ji Yeon

Is this…love?

Single’s Inferno may have concluded months ago, but the hype surrounding the Netflix series is far from over. Many of the contestants have gone on to experience a surge in popularity, as some of our favorite stars have even created their own YouTube channels.

“Single’s Inferno” poster.

And as viewers continue to have lingering questions and thoughts about the reality dating show, contestant Moon Se Hoon entertained his fans’ burning questions in his first ever YouTube video to celebrate his channel.

Moon Se Hoon on “Single’s Inferno” | Netflix

The Single’s Inferno star kicked his Q&A off by answering if he would ever go back to “hell” on the show or not, to which he had a very firm answer.

I really don’t want to go anymore. I don’t want to go to hell anymore.

— Moon Se Hoon

Se Hoon made headlines following the conclusion of the show after leaving Single’s Inferno with his partner, Shin Ji Yeon. Naturally, this brought forth many questions from the viewers who have been curious about his current relationship status. While the next question alluded to this very thought, he answered it in the most diplomatic way possible.


‘This may be an inappropriate question, but are you currently in love?’ I am always living in love.

— Moon Se Hoon

It was the following question that excited all the Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon fans, as he discussed how his ideal type changed from before his appearance on the Netflix series and after.

‘What is your ideal type?’
My previous ideal type was a woman who was strong, extroverted and had a strong presence. After my ‘Single’s Inferno’ appearance, however, I think it changed due to the different circumstances I experienced. You know.

— Moon Se Hoon

This next question seemed to be Se Hoon’s favorite, as he couldn’t keep the smile off his face after reading, “since when have you been so handsome?”

This is a question I enjoy hearing.

— Moon Se Hoon

Following the above question, the Single’s Inferno contestant began receiving many other visual-related questions from his fans. It was this particular question regarding his nose, however, that has garnered attention.

‘Which parent does your nose resemble?’
My mom’s side and maternal side have bigger noses. And…I also received additional help.

— Moon Se Hoon

Se Hoon, along with the rest of his cast members, skyrocketed into popularity after he appeared on the Netflix production. The handsome contestant reflected on exactly how his life changed following his appearance on the show after he was asked about the differences pre-Single’s Inferno and post-Single’s Inferno.

‘Has your life changed after appearing on ‘Single’s Inferno?”
Yes it has quite a bit. A lot of people recognize me now and show their interest in me. I was a little burdened by that in the beginning because of all the sudden interest and affection. I also became concerned and worried about it. My heart went through some ups and downs? That’s how I think things have changed since my appearance on Single’s Inferno.

— Moon Se Hoon

One of Se Hoon’s fans made sure to ask him about his favorite K-Pop artists and he had no hesitation answering this question. He revealed that his favorite idol group is TWICE, to which he shared that he had actually just attended their concert! He is such a fan, that he made sure to “wave [his] light stick around.”

I like TWICE. I recently attended their concert and clapped for them. I didn’t scream (COVID-19 regulations), but I did clap for them and stomped my feet. I also waved my light stick around.

— Moon Se Hoon

To conclude, the Single’s Inferno star was asked if he would ever appear on the series again, if they released a second season. While it’s a simple yes or no question, Se Hoon went into a deep daze as he contemplated his decision.


— Moon Se Hoon

We love his honesty and transparency with his Q&A! You can watch Moon Se Hoon answer all of the juicy questions down below.

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