After “Sus” Instagram Stories, “Single’s Inferno” Viewers Have Further Reason To Suspect This Unexpected Pairing Could Be Endgame

“If it’s true I’m so happy for them.”

Single’s Inferno has once again taken the world by storm with its second season. Viewers can’t wait to see who the attractive, charming cast might end up with at the end of the show.

Single’s Inferno 2 poster | Netflix

One of the most popular contestants this season is Nadine.

Nadine | Netflix

Not only has Nadine won the heart of viewers for her stunning beauty, but she has gained attention for her intellect as it has been revealed that she studies at Harvard University, majoring in neuroscience.

While Nadine is a fan favorite, her journey to find love on the show hasn’t been simple. She first seemed to have a connection with Shin Dong Woo before he was deemed “unworthy” of her.

Shin Dong Woo and Nadine | Netflix

Most recently, viewers have seemingly been rooting for the chemistry between Nadine and Kim Jin Young, although Kim Jin Young’s popularity among the female contestants leaves nothing certain.

Kim Jin Young and Nadine | Netflix

Although the show has not finished airing, Nadine has gone viral on TikTok after some detective netizens believe she may have found an unexpected match on the island.

Nadine’s New Year’s Instagram story | @deeenerss/Instagram

We previously reported that netizens believe the man found in Nadine’s New Year’s Day Instagram story might be one of the other Single’s Inferno contestants: Kim Han Bin.

Kim Han Bin | Netflix

Although the duo is unexpected, Kim Han Bin has also been a fan favorite, as he has continually demonstrated his upbeat attitude and incredible cooking skills.

While netizens are reasonably confident in identifying the man as Kim Han Bin, some point out that the two could simply be friends spending time together after the show. Or it could be someone else entirely.

And now, just days later, netizens are once again finding evidence that Nadine and Kim Han Bin might indeed be endgame.

Nadine recently shared pictures of herself at a ski resort.

And sure enough, Kim Han Bin has shared similar pictures on his own Instagram.

Kim Han Bin’s recent Instagram stories | @seoxjm/TikTok 

Although nothing can be said for sure, detective netizens are feeling more and more confident that Nadine and Kim Han Bin could be the unexpected pairing we never knew we needed.

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