“Single’s Inferno” Se Jeong And Nadine Were Connected Even Before The Show

No wonder they have a similar vibe.

Park Se Jeong and Nadine Lee are two of the more popular contestants of Single’s Inferno internationally. The global audience loves the girl crush image of both ladies. While Nadine was described as “model-like” in the show’s early stages, Park Se Jeong is currently the professional model. She is signed to YG Entertainment‘s model subsidiary, KPLUS.

She proudly displays her company on her Instagram profile.

On the other hand, Nadine was also coincidentally signed to KPLUS, back in 2014. She stayed with the company for around 4 years until 2018. Nadine’s LinkedIn page features her experience with the company.

| Nadine Lee LinkedIn

She was also reposted on model fan pages on social media.

While Nadine left the company in 2018, Park Se Jeong joined in more recent years. The two may not have met during their respective times in the agency, but we’re hoping that they would still have talked about the unique connection off-camera.