“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Se Hoon Gains Attention After Revealing Which K-Pop Girl Group He Loves The Most

Se Hoon has pure taste!

Although Netflix‘s series Single’s Inferno instantly gained attention worldwide and became the talk of the town, one contestant gained mixed reactions from netizens, and it was none other than Moon Se Hoon. From the start of the show, Se Hoon gained a mixed reception from viewers due to how he was portrayed on the show. 

Moon Se Hoon | @moonofsh/ Instagram

Throughout the show, viewers raised concerns about Se Hoon after he was seen as showcasing “creepy” behavior towards Shin Ji Yeon after she repeatedly seemed to turn him down. Others voiced how uncomfortable they felt watching him on the screen.

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Yet, as the episodes went on and Se Hoon showcased his more vulnerable side, netizens started to root for him and were happy when he and Ji Yeon left the island together. Even after the show ended, many are rooting for the duo and hope Se Hoon finally gets his happy ending.

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However, if he wasn’t popular enough, it seems as if he has recently gained attention from the K-Pop community after the release of his newest video.

On February 4, Se Hoon released a Q&A video on his channel where he spoke about everything from his ideal type to whether he was in love!

Although many of the questions spoke about Single’s Inferno, one question caught the attention of fans, and it was something that a lot of netizens probably wanted to know. One viewer asked, “Which idols and singers do you like?

Many subscribers didn’t know what answer to expect from Se Hoon, but many couldn’t get over the fact that he answered with “I like TWICE,” without even hesitating.

However, if fans thought he was just a casual listener or using it for popularity, there is no denying Se Hoon’s ONCE status. Rather than just saying he liked TWICE, he gave fans evidence, adding that he even went to their concert.

I went to their concert. I clapped, didn’t shout. I only clapped and jumped and held up my wand *lightstick*. It was fun.

— Se Hoon

Netizens were shocked at first, but, by looking through his social media, they found that there was photographic proof of Se Hoon attending TWICE’s concert in Korea last December.

| @moonofsh/ Instagram

Of course, when the video was first released, Se Hoon gained the attention of netizens and TWICE fans worldwide. While some still weren’t sure about their feelings towards Se Hoon, others loved that he had a pure taste and even had a Candybong (TWICE’s lightstick) to show his support.

Considering how talented, beautiful, and kind all the members of TWICE are, it isn’t surprising that Se Hoon picked them as his favorite idols because they are loved by fans worldwide.

Members of TWICE | @JYPETWICE/ Twitter

Yet, it isn’t the first time contestants from Single’s Inferno have gained attention because of K-Pop. Kang So Yeon shocked fans when it was revealed she was a member of the co-ed group WE

| Stone Music Entertainment/ YouTube

And Cha Hyun Seung is known for being the “viral” backing dancer for idol Sunmi!

| 비몽/ YouTube

Maybe with the new friendships with So Yeon and Hyun Seung, Se Hoon might be able to live his dream to meet the members of TWICE. In the meantime, he can enjoy their music like the rest of ONCEs and wait for the time they have another concert in Korea.

You can watch the whole video below.

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