“Single’s Inferno 2” Kim Jin Young Frustrates Viewers With His Actions Toward Other Contestants In The Season Finale

“The way I stopped the show just to unsubscribe from his YouTube channel in that exact moment.”

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Single’s Inferno 2‘s season finale just aired, and until the end, the episode left viewers guessing about which pairings would walk away from the island together.

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Arguably the biggest surprise in the episode was who Shin Seul Ki chose to walk away with.

Contestant Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

Although it didn’t surprise viewers that Shin Seul Ki ended up with three contestants picking her…

Jin Young, Dong Woo, and Jong Woo all chose Seul Ki | Netfilx

Even Choi Jong Woo himself hadn’t expected Shin Seul Ki to pick him in return.

Choi Jong Woo: … I’m prepping myself to not be too hurt by whatever choice you finally make.

Contestant Choi Jong Woo | Netflix

But although viewers of the show couldn’t have been happier for Jong Woo, who continually showed his devotion to Seul Ki…

Jong Woo and Seul Ki | Netflix 

They were frustrated by Kim Jin Young‘s actions as he went to pick Seul Ki. Even though Jin Young and Seul Ki’s chemistry was undeniable, many viewers were rooting for Jin Young and fan-favorite contestant Lee Nadine to end up together. Especially after their Paradise date, where they found lots of common ground.

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Still, despite their hopes, most viewers correctly anticipated that Jin Young would choose Seul Ki in the finale.

However, what viewers didn’t expect was Jin Young’s “trick” of who he was picking. Notably, it’s normal for the contestants in both the season one and two cast to greet the other contestants, especially when they’re on the path to their choice, and some even joke around about who they’re going to pick.

And because of the layout of the two paths the contestants could take (one led to Lee So E, Choi Seo Eun, and Park Se Jeong while the other led to Lim Min Su, Nadine, and Seul Ki), Jin Young had to directly walk by Nadine to get to Seul Ki, and it only made sense that he would greet her.

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What viewers didn’t like about Jin Young’s way of talking to Nadine was how he dramatized it. His greeting with Min Su, a contestant who, despite her interest in him, he had essentially rejected, was fairly brief.

Contestant Lim Min Su | Netflix

Kim Jin Young: Let’s talk more when we leave Inferno. Thanks for everything.

Lim Min Su: I had fun.

Kim Jin Young: You’re not crying, are you?

Lim Min Su: No, I’m not.

Kim Jin Young: See you when we get out of here.

But when Jin Young arrived next to Nadine, he took his time, first complimenting her appearance and then standing there, even fooling the other contestants into believing he might be picking Nadine.

Kim Jin Young: You look nice today.

Lee Nadine: Thanks.

Kim Jin Young: [Long pause] I had fun.

Lee Nadine: Right.

Kim Jin Young: I had a good time.

Lee Nadine: Same.

Kim Jin Young: I’ll always support you until your dreams come true.

Lee Nadine: Okay. Thanks.

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Before going to join Seul Ki.

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Viewers of the show didn’t think it was fair for Jin Young to have gotten “[Nadine’s] hopes up and just crash it when he knew [she] liked him.”

Viewers even voiced their frustration with how he also talked to Min Su, thinking it was odd for him to suggest that they should “talk after this is over” before confessing to Seul Ki.

And while some viewers are pointing out that the show’s producers possibly asked him to make his choice as dramatic as possible…

Others are suggesting that his actions could have been the “final nail [in] the coffin” for Seul Ki to pick Jong Woo instead.

What do you think?

You can read more about what might have helped Seul Ki to make her unexpected choice here.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Shin Seul Ki’s Interactions With Kim Jin Young And Choi Jong Woo Statement May Have Foreshadowed The Shocking Finale

You can watch the clip here.


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