“Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Has An Unexpected Link To Previous Seasons’ Shin Ji Yeon And Shin Seul Ki

Did the producers scout them through this?

Single’s Inferno‘s third season has just kicked off. This season has a unique format, with two different islands and a total of nine contestants so far (by the second episode). Island Two’s Yoon Ha Jung is gaining attention for the way she nabbed two out of three votes on the first day.

Single’s Inferno poster with Yoon Ha Jung on far right.

The star is currently contracted under Leaders Entertainment as a model. Under her accolades, we discovered an interesting fact. She had placed fourth in 2021’s Miss Chunhyang pageant.

Yoon Ha Jung. | Leaders Entertainment

She participated under the name Yoon Jin Ju.

Yoon Ha Jung at the pageant. | Naver Blog

Did you know that season one’s Shin Ji Yeon

Shin Ji Yeon in the pageant. | Naver Blog

…and season two’s Shin Seul Ki were both from the same competition? Shin Ji Yeon and Shin Seul Ki competed in 2020, just a year before Yoon Ha Jung.

Shin Ji Yeon in the pageant. | Naver Blog

Seul Ki had placed first, while Ji Yeon placed fourth, the same position as Yoon Ha Jung. It is no wonder that Korean fans of Single’s Inferno often joke that the next season contestants’ spoilers can be found on the Miss Chunhyang website!

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