“Single’s Inferno” Contestants So Yeon And Hyun Seung Reveal They Actually Knew Each Other Before The Show

And it was all because of K-Pop!

When Netflix started airing their new series Single’s Inferno, the show’s concept was similar to the Western show Love Island. A group of people would get to know each other and see if they could fall in love with strangers.

The original cast of “Single’s Inferno” | Netflix

From the very beginning, the show made it clear that they were strangers. Aside from the bromance between Cha Hyun Seung and Kim Hyeon Joong who knew each other prior to the show, this was supposedly the first time most of them had met.

Yet, it seems as if there was another duo who knew each other before the show… and it was none other than Kang So Yeon and Cha Hyun Seung!

Hyun Seung (left) and So Yeon (right) | Netflix

During the show, many instantly noticed the two had a lot in common: extremely good-looking and athletic. At one point, they even had netizens believing that they might be off to a wonderful night in “Paradise. Yet, it wasn’t meant to be, and the two cemented their status of just being friends.

| Netflix

Even though viewers thought their friendship was due to their similarities, it now seems as if the initial connection was more than just because of their shared hobbies!

Hyun Seung recently joined So Yeon on her YouTube channel, and they sat and discussed everything about their time on the show, from the weather, their experiences, and more.

When they were asked about their first impressions of each other, they unsurprisingly explained that once they knew both had similar hobbies when it came to working out, they clicked straight away.

Yet, they shocked fans when So Yeon explained, “We used to know each other.”

Considering that it was never brought up on the show, netizens were shocked when this was revealed, and Hyun Seung even added, “No one would probably know, but we’ve known each other before the show, right?

Yet, Hyun Seung also joked that the person he knew back then was completely different from the So Yeon he got to know on the island.

Oddly enough, it took a few moments when Hyun Seung arrived on the island for them to confirm that they actually knew each other.

As we talked, I realized that you were the person that I knew. You were the person I thought you looked like. It wasn’t a resemblance, it was that person.

Hyun Seung

If netizens were wondering why this was the case, it all came down to K-Pop! So Yeon shocked netizens when it was discovered that she was actually part of a co-ed group called WE under the stage name Rosie.

| Stone Music Entertainment/ YouTube 

Netizens were more aware that Hyun Seung is actually a K-Pop backing dancer. He even went viral for being the “Iconic” dancer for Sunmi during her performances.

| 비몽/ YouTube

So Yeon pointed out that the two of them almost stood on the same stage because of K-Pop. Although it didn’t happen, it meant that the two had crossed paths during preparation for performances.

Many were disappointed when the two confirmed they were just friends because they’d make a badass couple but loved that they were showcasing their chemistry after the show ended.

In the comments, netizens couldn’t stop gushing about how much they enjoyed seeing them outside the confines of reality television.

Hopefully, now that the show has ended, there can be more videos with the two. Who knows, we could even get a sneak peek of the stage netizens should’ve been treated to all those years ago.

You can watch the full video below.

Source: Kang So Yeon

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