“Single’s Inferno” OTP An Yea Won And Kim Jun Sik Prove To Be Each Other’s Biggest Fans Even On Instagram

They’re such a power couple!

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After watching Netflix‘s Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno, it’s safe to say we’re all big fans of An Yea Won and Kim Jun Sik

Despite their little screentime, these two low-key stole the show. They were underrated but also unproblematic and so charming.

They are the definition of a power couple.

So, of course, after they matched in the end, we have all been hoping that these two are still together. Based on Instagram, we haveย a lotย of hope.

Not only does Jun Sik post adorable photos from their time on Single’s Inferno

They also continually prove to be each other’s biggest fans by regularly liking and commenting on each other’s posts. Soon as Yea Won posts, you’re guaranteed to see Jun Sik having liked, commented, or both!

Jun Sik | @juncore_/Instagram

So, when Yea Won recently uploaded this beautiful headshot…

Jun Sik left a comment!

Screenshot on January 14, 2022. | @yeah.w__/Instagramย 

ย Did you take these in all the colors?

โ€” Jun Sik

His comment references her previous post that he liked. He’s wondering if we’re going to get many stunning headshots of Yea Won with backdrops in all the colors of the rainbow. We’d certainly not complain.

Screenshot on January 13, 2022. | @yeah.w__/Instagram

Everyone!!!! Today, I finally uploaded the exercise video that I mentioned before,, I had to edit the video by myself so it took a long time .. Sorry..

โ€” An Yea Won via @yeah.w__/Instagram

Shortly after, he posted his own glamor shot. This time, he’s modeling some Netflix merchandise.

This shot certainly captured our attention, and it also did Yea Won’s. She liked the post and commented, admiring the photo.

Whoa, this is kind of cool!

โ€” An Yea Won

Screenshot on January 14, 2022. | @juncore_/Instagram

Jun Sik cleverly responded by encouraging her to take her own photos, modeling Netflix merchandise.

Yea Won: Whoa, this is kind of cool!
Jun Sik: I think youโ€™d look great posing with the merch, too!

We love their supportive relationship! Check out more cute interactions between these two below:

Are “Single’s Inferno” OTP An Yea Won And Kim Jun Sik Still Together? Here’s What We Know

Source: @yeah.w__ and @juncore_

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