“Single’s Inferno” An Yea Won Is Glad Moon Se Hoon “Struggled,” But Not For The Reason You Might Think

“I low-key liked it.”

During his time on Single’s InfernoMoon Se Hoon struggled in his pursuit of love…and An Yea Won was kind of loving it!

An Yea Won on Single’s Inferno | Netflix

In a new Q&A video, Yea Won fielded questions about her casting call, her almost-romance with Cha Hyun Seung, her screen time, and more. When Hyun Seung asked Yea Won what she likes about her male co-stars, she said, “I love Se Hoon!” Hyun Seung feels the same way.

Throughout the show, Se Hoon pursued only one female cast member, Shin Ji Yeon, who rejected his invitations to go with him to Paradise. As such, Se Hoon missed the chance to live in luxury at the resort more than once. In the end, they left the show together as a couple.

Moon Se Hoon | Netflix

“Whenever he stayed in hell on the first day, I loved it,” Yea Won said. “I wasn’t able to adjust myself in…” At that moment, Hyun Seung playfully interrupted, “You loved it while he was struggling?”

Cha Hyun Seung (left)

She “low-key liked it,” but not because she wanted Hyun Seung to have a hard time. “I feel bad for saying this.”

It pressured me a lot to be with all those people while I was still being awkward and Se Hoon had a similar personality to my actual friend. He was the one who could make me feel less awkward as a friend. And that’s when I started to like Se Hoon as a friend.

— An Yea Won

Watch Yea Won’s video here:

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