(★BREAKING) SKE48’s Matsui Jurina Confirmed To Be Leaving “Produce 48”

She is halting all activities to focus on her health.

Produce 48 contestant and SKE48 member Matsui Jurina has halted all promotions due to health issues, including her participation in Produce 48.


Following tweets from her management about her health condition, rumors began to spread that Jurina would be leaving the show.

Popular “Produce 48” Contestant Jurina Matsui Might Leave The Show


And now reports have confirmed that Jurina is indeed withdrawing from “Produce 48.”

“According to an official from the broadcasting company on July 7th, Matsui Jurina has confirmed she is withdrawing from ‘Produce 48’.” – MyDaily


In addition to ranking high on the show, Jurina was also recently the top winner of the 2018 AKB48 General Election, earning the most votes out of all the members.


But due to her current health condition, she was unable to perform for her group’s comeback stage in Japan.

In her place, the group placed her #1 trophy in the center of the stage during their performance.


Fans are understandably upset to see her drop out of the show, but respect her decision and are cheering for her recovery.

Source: MyDaily