“Asian Collaboration” Girl Group SKYLE To Debut In July 2021 — Meet The Unveiled Members

New queens? Yes, please!

GOOD LUCK ENTERTAINMENT released dance cover videos on their official YouTube channel, revealing the rookie girl group SKYLE‘s members Chaehyeon, Erin, Ginny and Ujeong!

SKYLE is a K-Pop group birthed by a collaboration of various entertainment companies in Asia. The group name, SKYLE (pronounced sky-lee), stands for their goal as a group — to “(S)how the (K)inetic & (Y)outh (L)eading a new (E)pisode.” SKYLE hopes to be “the group to open a new chapter of K-Pop and complete it.”

SKYLE | @official_skyle/Twitter

Dressed in glamorous “Red Queen” outfits, SKYLE members are already raising curiousness about their debut concept. As the collaborating companies explained, “SKYLE members have great singing and dancing skills, as well as model-like visuals” to enchant the fans! Here are the members:

Chaehyeon is the 21-year-old leader of SKYLE, as well as the main vocalist of the group. She has excellent rapping and dancing skills. She has various talents including writing lyrics (rap making), composing songs and midi.

SKYLE’s Chaehyeon | @official_skyle/Twitter

Ginny, the oldest member at 22 years, offers a unique charm to the group. As a rapper and performer who studied dance in college, Ginny is extremely flexible and can use this flexibility to carry out some complex choreographies.

SKYLE’s Ginny | @official_skyle/Twitter

The 19-year-old Erin is SKYLE’s main visual member. But her attractive appearance isn’t all she’s serving. As a vocalist, Erin adds layer of sexy fun with her husky voice.

SKYLE’s Erin | @official_skyle/Twitter

Glowing in her chic silver hair is SKYLE’s irreplaceable Ujeong. She may be the youngest member of the group at 19 years, but she is the mightiest! With her powerful dance moves and excellent vocal skills, Ujeong is undeniably the golden maknae to SKYLE.

SKYLE’s Ujeong | @official_skyle/Twitter

Are you excited to see what new bops they’ll bring to the scene? SKYLE is set to debut July 19, 2021 at 12PM KST.

Watch the members’ dance covers here:

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