SM Entertainment Artists Will Be Joining Weverse According To Industry Insiders

What will happen to Kwangya Club?

According to entertainment industry insiders, it has been agreed that SM Entertainment artists will join Weverse. This is the result of the platform cooperation that HYBE announced they would be pursuing with Kakao and SM Entertainment.

SM Entertainment artists have been active in Kwangya Club and LYSN before that. All artists, from Kangta and BoA to aespa and NCT, are using Kwangya Club. With this decision, all activity on Kwangya Club will be shifted to Weverse. This includes a plan to distribute SM Entertainment artist goods on Weverse Shop. The right to run paid fan club services is also expected to be secured.

Industry officials believe that entry into Weverse will be a win-win situation. Weverse is expected to make communication between artists and fandom more convenient as it has an unrivaled position in terms of user convenience amongst domestic fandom platforms. However, it is expected that Dear. U company, an affiliate of SM Studios, an SM Entertainment subsidiary, will be affected. Dear. U operates Dear. U Bubble is a messaging platform between fans and artists. Dear. U recently acquired the fandom platform Universe, a platform similar to Weverse. Competition to secure artists is expected to ignite as Weverse brings in SM Artists. Bubble is unlikely to be affected.

With details being coordinated, an announcement is expected soon about when and how the artists will enter Weverse. Stay tuned!

Source: Chosun
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