SM Entertainment Called Out For Poor Management Of NCT 127’s Comeback Showcase

Fans fainting, technical issues… What more could’ve gone wrong?

SM Entertainment recently messed up by excluding member Doyoung‘s photos from a digipack version of NCT 127‘s latest album, 2 Baddies. Although they have apologized and will soon be sending out replacement albums to consumers with the defective albums, the situation that all of this falls in makes it hard for fans to forgive the mistake. In the midst of their apology and efforts to rectify the mistake, fans have been experiencing the brunt of the company’s poor management yet again. On September 16, 2022, fans gathered at KINTEX hall in South Korea to celebrate and witness the long-awaited comeback. However, poor planning and management resulted in fans fainting at the venue, unnecessary waiting time, and technical difficulties. As it was a paid event, expectations had been set for the event.

NCT 127 for 2 Baddies. | SM Entertainment

Fans claimed various issues, starting from being made to wait hours before the event. The event had opened around 20,000 seats, an unprecedented number for a comeback showcase. The ambitious number resulted in the organizers asking fans to gather at the venue hours before it started. While going early is common practice for concerts, it is usually voluntary and there has never been a concert that explicitly requires fans to be stationed onsite hours before the actual start.

Not only that, but fans had begun to faint from the intense heat inside the venue. While around 20,000 tickets were sold in total, half of them were for standing. Given around 10,000 people in a mosh area, it was only natural that some could not withstand the crowds.

The event also faced various technical difficulties, both in terms of camera and sound. While the audio was criticized for being messy and the microphones failing to work at times, the camerawork was no better. The members were constantly seen raising their voices to be heard or adjusting their microphones. Fans also complained that the camerawork was shoddy and failed to capture the right members at the right times.

The company was severely called out for their inability to manage the comeback. Both the fans and the members were hyped up about the event, given that it was the group’s first comeback in close to a year. SM Entertainment was called out by fans for being unprofessional and “money grabbing,” as fans pointed out that they should not have sold so many tickets if they could not handle the crowds.

SM Entertainment has not addressed the issues faced at the venue.