SM Entertainment Under Fire For Allegedly Failing To Keep Its Artists Safe In Gym “Overrun” By Sasaengs

“Doesn’t SM have enough money to build their own gym at this point?”

SM Entertainment has recently received criticism from fans for allegedly not doing enough to keep sasaeng fans away from the gym that is most frequented by its idols.

EXO’s Kai | KAI/YouTube

The gym, which is located in Gangnam, Seoul, posted a notice on Instagram warning sasaeng fans to stop signing up for membership under the pretense of wanting to work out there. The gym staff claimed that this was causing discomfort to the many artists who frequent the facility.

| @idolissue/Instagram

While the staff is understanding of fans’ love for their artists, they explained that this intrusive manner of showing it was also affecting the gym’s business in addition to the artists’ mental well-being. Therefore, the notice informed that the gym would be taking strong legal action against anyone who is caught illegally filming or photographing artists on its premises.

While the gym’s efforts to keep the idols safe from sasaeng fans are appreciated, many fans expressed their disappointment in SM Entertainment itself for not taking the lead in ensuring the safety of its own artists, especially when the gym is known to be highly targeted by sasaengs.

While some pointed out that it’s simply not possible for SM Entertainment to do anything outside of its own premises…


…many fans agree that the company should have more than enough funds to make its own gym in the company building, which is what some other entertainment companies have done.

This isn’t the first time SM Entertainment has come under fire for not protecting its artists enough. Read further about NCT Taeyong‘s response to sasaeng fans on the link below.

NCT’s Taeyong Confesses He’s Scared When Sasaengs Call Him And Warns Them To Stop

Source: SBS News and Netizenbuzz

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