NCT’s Taeyong Confesses He’s Scared When Sasaengs Call Him And Warns Them To Stop

They wouldn’t stop calling him during his live.

From sasaengs (obsessive fans) invading NCT‘s tour bus to waiting outside the group’s dorm, they continue to put the members’ safety at risk. When a sasaeng kept interrupting his Instagram live by calling yet again, Taeyong spoke up.

Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Wanting to chat with fans, Taeyong started an Instagram live where he answered questions and cheered them up. However, Taeyong kept getting interrupted by calls that muted his microphone. Viewers could see Taeyong’s face drop as he became frustrated.

Letting fans know what was happening, Taeyong revealed that he kept receiving calls from an overseas number he didn’t recognize, specifically from the U.S.

Speaking in English to make sure his message came across loud and clear to whoever was calling or those who would attempt to, Taeyong said it scared him and pleaded with them to stop.

Please, don’t call me. That’s so rude.

I’m really scared, so please don’t call me if you know my number. Please.

— Taeyong

Seeing Taeyong so frustrated and voicing how scary it was broke the hearts of many.

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

It’s unfortunate that a fun moment between Taeyong and NCTzens was ruined by a relentless sasaeng.