SM Entertainment Denies Rumors About EXO’s Chanyeol Threatening A Female Driver

SM denied the rumors.

SM Entertainment has denied the rumors surrounding EXO‘s Chanyeol, stating that he threatened a female driver.

Earlier, motorcycle influencer Jang Si Nae guested on a Channel S program alongside her husband and told a story about running into a famous idol who threatened her and cursed at her while she was driving to work.

One day, I was riding my scooter to work and a man in a foreign car behind me was driving dangerously behind me. He came at me quickly from behind. I avoided him, but he then flipped me off (middle finger). I followed him to get his [license plate] number, but he stopped at a traffic light.

I was curious as to why he did that to me, so I knocked on his window to ask, and he covered his face and kept flipping me off. It turned out to be an idol. He was such a famous idol, I think I would be buried the moment his name comes out of my mouth.

— Jang Si Nae

Jang Si Nae’s statements match the vlog she put out about the incident, which showed an unidentified male person showing her the middle finger from inside his car.

Due to the glare and the tinted windows, it was difficult for viewers to identify the male figure. However, some netizens in the comments section pointed at Chanyeol, based on the make of the car and the hand shape.

In a statement provided to media outlet News1, SM Entertainment defended Chanyeol, stating he was not the culprit in this situation.

The person in the video is not Chanyeol. The vehicle in question is different from Chanyeol’s personal vehicle.

We will take strong legal measures against the spread of misinformation.

— SM Entertainment

Source: News1 and Newsen


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