What Is “Dino Line” And Who’s In It? This Trot Singer’s Glow-Up Has K-Pop Fans Convinced SM Entertainment Has A Type

In fact, SM Entertainment did once offer an actor contract!

Trot singer Jeong Dong Won debuted in 2019, though his real “debut” came with his appearance in 2020’s hit TV competition Mr. Trot.

Jeong Dong Won on “Mr. Trot” | TV Chosun

As the maknae member of the Top 6, Jeong gained unprecedented popularity, especially from Korea’s trot-loving generation. Following his rise to fame from the show, Jeong has been working hard; In addition to releasing multiple albums, he has starred in commercials and even picked up acting.

According to his fans, Jeong has gone through a noticeable “glow-up” since his Mr. Trot era. Growing into a handsome fellow, Jeong’s latest Instagram posts capture his “idol-like” visuals.

That being said, Jeong’s fans believe he is a prime SM Entertainment face—pointing out that SM Entertainment has a long-standing “Dino Line,” or a line-up of signed artists who share similar “dinosaur-like” facial shapes and features.

Super Junior’s Donghae (left), f(x)’s Amber (center), and SHINee’s Jonghyun (right) | Hankook Ilbo & Asia Today & NEWS1

Jeong’s fans mentioned Super Junior‘s Donghae, f(x)‘s AmberSHINee‘s Jonghyun, and NCT‘s Jeno as the sunbae “Dino Line” idols, with Jeno having a resemblance uncanny enough to pass the two as siblings!

NCT’s Jeno

K-Pop fans in general agree that Jeong Dong Won would have made an excellent SM Entertainment idol.

| theqoo
| theqoo
  • “He does look like Jeno.”
  • “He’s one of the SM Entertainment Dino Liners, along with Donghae, Amber, and Jeno. Haha.”
  • “I knew he reminded me of Jeno. Look at all the other comments who agree!”
  • “SM Entertainment’s favorite face indeed. A dino liner!”
  • “Wow, I’m glad I wasn’t alone in thinking so…!”
  • “Right after Donghae, Amber, and Jeno. LOL. He’s basically Jeno’s twin.”
  • “Whoa, idol-worthy visuals!”
  • “There’s definitely some Jeno here.”
  • “Kids grow up so fast, haha. This is kind of shocking.”
  • “Jeno, for sure.”
  • “Whoa, what a glow-up he had. He’s like a different person. How cool! Kids do grow up really quickly.”

While Jeong is signed with ShowPLAY Entertainment, SM Entertainment did once reach out to the trot prodigy. Reportedly, the agency offered Jeong a contract. Jeong is said to have turned it down because SM Entertainment wanted him to pursue acting first while he wanted to sing!

Jeong Dong Won | @dongwon_15/Instagram

SM Entertainment or not, Jeong is now one of the most successful teenagers in Korea!

Source: theqoo
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