Netizens Criticize SM Entertainment After Making Changes To The Release Of EXO’s Upcoming Album “Don’t Fight The Feeling”

It isn’t the first time the company has come under fire!

Netizens have taken to social media to criticize SM Entertainment after the announcement that EXO‘s upcoming album special Don’t Fight The Feeling has gone from having six covers to just one.

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EXO recently announced that they would be releasing their first album in 18 months. When the album details were first posted, fans were told to expect two different photobook versions. In version one, there were meant to be six different covers that fans could buy.

On May 12, a day after pre-orders began, K-Pop album supplier KTown4u tweeted that there would only be one cover available for the first album version due to the manufacturer’s circumstances.

After the announcement, fans took to social media in frustration over the sudden change to the album’s production.

Fans have also been tweeting with the hashtag #EXO_DESERVED_RESPECT claiming that the agency has once again failed the group.

It is not the first time SM Entertainment has come under fire for issues with EXO’s albums. In the past, there were restocking problems with the “Obsession” album and manufacturing issues with “The Box.”

Many EXO-L’s want proper answers to why these issues keep arising whenever the group releases an album. For a group that has been around for around ten years, fans think that EXO deserves better.

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