NCT Fans Slam SM Entertainment For “Favoritism” And Poor Planning Over “Messy” Schedule

NCT have a busy upcoming schedule.

NCT is currently K-Pop’s largest group, with 26 members across many subunits. In addition to the group activities, several of the members also have individual promotions, meaning that there is always a chance of something overlapping.

The overlapping of multiple schedules has recently left fans feeling angry towards SM Entertainment.

NCT | SM Entertainment

WayV Ten‘s solo album was the first announced NCT comeback for 2024, and many fans were excited about the idol’s first solo release. His album, Ten, is scheduled to be released on February 13.

NCT’s Ten | @NCTsmtown/X

Not long after, NCT 127‘s Taeyong was announced to be making his comeback on February 26, 13 days after Ten’s release. While some were worried about the promotions being so close together, the criticism only increased after SM “cut short” Ten’s pre-debut promotion by changing the official NCT account’s photo to Taeyong and pinning his album announcement.

This came just six hours after Ten’s album details were posted.

Some fans were left feeling frustrated, with some accusing SM of showing favoritism and saying the company was disrespecting both idols with these actions.

In addition, recent information has shown that the schedule is more packed than previously thought.

On February 7, SM’s reported plans for 2024’s first two quarters were shared and included NCT DREAM making a comeback in March 2023, along with NCT WISH‘s debut on February 28.

SM Entertainment Has Revealed Their Album Release Plans For April-June 2024

NCT DREAM’s last album was dropped in July 2023, so the release is expected, but some feel SM attempted to fit too much inside such a short amount of time

These complaints join ones continually made towards the company regarding NCT 127’s NEO CITY: THE UNITY tour. The tour’s original announcement shared several dates in Asia with an “And More” promise that appears not to be happening due to scheduling issues.

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With such a large group, there will inevitably be challenges in making schedules. However, fans wish for the company to put more effort into making plans.