SM Entertainment Founder Lee Soo Man Is Reportedly Holding Auditions In China For A Teen Idol Group

He brought his closest aide with him.

SM Entertainment‘s founder and former executive Lee Soo Man is reportedly currently holding auditions in China to produce an idol group.

According to an exclusive report from Tenasia, Lee Soo Man is currently staying in Beijing, China, where he is in the midst of holding auditions with Chinese teenagers for an idol group. The gender for the auditions was not revealed. Alongside Lee Soo Man is Kim Han Gu, one of Lee Soo Man’s closest aides and a person with close ties to the Chinese region.

Lee Soo Man has been interested in the Chinese market for a while now. Actually, he has recently been staying in Beijing, China.

— Insider

Lee Soo Man is reportedly seeking a new start as a producer by discovering talents in the Chinese rehion. It was previously reported that he set up a new office in the Cheongdam district of Seoul. He was also spotted with Yoo Young Jin at Hong Kong’s International Airport in May 2023.

Source: Tenasia