SM Entertainment’s New Building Finally Gets Unveiled

It looks gorgeous!

SM Entertainment previously moved out of their iconic building in Cheongdam-dong and moved into a swanky office building at Seoul Forest Station in Seoul. The building is not entirely theirs however, with floors being used by other companies. This Seoul Forest building is known to house the operational departments of the company, as well as various practice rooms.

Current headquarters of SM Entertainment. | Herald

While SM Entertainment’s artists and workers continued to share the building, another one had been under construction for years. Now, in August 2023, the new building is almost complete!

Located in Seongsu, the new building is called the SM Artist & Music Center. The SM Entertainment logo can be seen peeking through the glass windows.

| Instiz

The building also has reflective windows which help maintain privacy for the artists and trainees. As the building will house practice rooms, recording studios, and a small performance venue, making sure that the windows aren’t see through is highly important.

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The unique mirrored windows also reflects the beautiful sky, reminding us of the iconic “blue sky and clouds”practice rooms that SM Entertainment used to have back in the 2000s.

A cozy red brick design encompasses the entrance and lower floors.

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The current building in Seoul Forest will likely still be used for the operational functions of the company. This new building serves to create a holistic environment for artists.

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As there is still protective tape around the building, it is likely that the building has not yet been opened for use. Hopefully we will get to see it featured in artists’ video content soon!

Source: Instiz