SM Entertainment Reveals Details For Red Velvet Joy’s Debut Solo Remake Album “Hello”

Which songs do you think she will remake?

SM Entertainment has revealed the details for Red Velvet Joy‘s debut solo album Hello.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

According to SM Entertainment’s press release, Joy’s solo debut album will indeed be a remake album and will be released on May 31. The album will have six songs, and  the six songs that will be remade were originally released in the 90s and 2000s, and will showcase Joy’s own vocal style and color.

SM Entertainment has yet to share which six songs will be remade. Joy has received praise from the public not just for her activities with Red Velvet, but also for her individual activities such as collaborations, OSTs, acting, and MCing.

Hello will also be released in a physical version on June 3. Pre-orders will begin later today, May 17, on both online and offline vendors.

Source: Star News

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