(★BREAKING) SM Entertainment Sends Personal Message To Jonghyun’s Fans

SM Entertainment sent a personal heartfelt message to Jonghyun’s mourning fans

SM Entertainment has just released a letter, thanking everyone for their support after Jonghyun‘s death, following his funeral. The statement was released just moments after Key also posted a handwritten letter on Instagram.

“Today we sent off our beloved artist Jonghyun in peace and warmth.

We thank you for all the love you have shown Jonghyun’s family, SHINee members, and all those in SM Entertainment for their sudden loss.

We would like to show our gratitude especially to all the fans who came to see Jonghyun and to pay their respects despite their busy schedules and the cold weather.

We also thank all of Jonghyun’s fellow artists, and everyone in the industry for adjusting their important schedules to pay respects to Jonghyun.

Thanks to everyone’s love and condolence, Jonghyun’s last journey was not a lonely one.

We believe that Jonghyun’s music, his passion, and everything else he has shown us as an artist will forever live in our hearts.

We once again bow our heads in gratitude to all the warm consolation everyone has shown us.”

— SM Entertainment

Jonghyun’s photo being carried by his sister, at the funeral and burial proceedings.

Jonghyun’s funeral was an incredibly emotional day for every SM Entertainment artist and especially so for his fellow members. Fans, friends, and family were all present at the funeral proceedings, which was open to the public.

SHINee, Red Velvet, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Kangta, and multiple other artists from SM Entertainment were in attendance. Multiple artists flew in from overseas to attend his funeral and say their last goodbyes to Jonghyun.

Watch Jonghyun’s Tribute Video:

SHINee Jonghyun's Passing