SM Entertainment’s 3rd Longest Tenured Artist of 19 Years Has Just Left The Company

She has left SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment‘s 3rd longest tenured artist of 19 years, just behind Kangta (25 years) and BoA (21 years), CSJH‘s Dana, has left the company.

According to an exclusive report from SPOTV, Dana’s exclusive contract with SM Entertainment recently expired and after a series of discussions, both sides decided not to sign a new contract. Both sides are supporting each other’s futures and chose to have a beautiful farewell, as Dana was nearing 20 years with the company.

Dana debuted as a soloist in 2001 prior to joining CSJH, who was dubbed the “female TVXQ” when they first debuted. Although they did not hit major success, they were moderately successful both in Korea and Japan. Since then, she expanded her reach to include musicals and variety shows, and recently showed off her dramatic weight loss efforts, losing 60 pounds.

SM Entertainment now confirmed her departure from the company.

Recently, Dana’s contract with us expired. We hope everyone will continue to support her future activities.

— SM Entertainment

Source: SPOTV and Maeil Kyungjae