SM And JYP’s Stock Value Increased, HYBE’s Evaluation Dropped To Half—But There’s A Catch

Netizens are shocked by the numbers!

According to media reports, the last quarterly business review report of SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment showed a significant increase in stock value. At the same time, YG Entertainment and HYBE took a hit. And yet, HYBE outperformed all three companies combined.

| Seoul Economy

According to Korea Exchange, JYP Entertainment’s stock price closed at ₩65,100 KRW (about $49.80 USD), up by 0.15% from the previous day. Park Jinyoung, the CEO, is the largest shareholder in the company, with a 15.2% stake. His stock evaluation reached ₩354 billion KRW (about $271 million USD), an ₩80.0 billion KRW (about $61.2 million USD) increase from his January valuation.

Park Jinyoung | OSEN

Lee Soo Man also got a higher valuation than the first quarter, though not as much as Park. He is the biggest shareholder in SM Entertainment, with an 18.46% stake. His valuation closed at ₩349 billion KRW (about $267 million USD), a whopping ₩22.8 billion KRW (about $17.4 million USD) higher than the January estimate.

Lee Soo Man | SM Entertainment

On the other hand, Yang Hyun Suk, the former CEO of YG Entertainment, lost out on ₩33.1 billion KRW (about $25.3 million USD) in valuation. The company’s stock prices suffered a 19.39% fall from the beginning of the year. Yang is the biggest shareholder in the company, with a 19% stake. While in January, his stock valuation was at ₩226 billion KRW (about $173 million USD), in this quarter, it closed at ₩142 billion KRW (about $109 million USD). According to industry insiders, YG’s stock price slump is expected to be prolonged.

Yang Hyun Suk

But the most significant hit was taken by Bang Si Hyuk, the chairman of HYBE. Since the company decreased its market capitalization by more than half (55.01%) compared to the beginning of 2022, Bang’s stock valuation dropped by ₩2.53 trillion KRW (about $1.93 billion USD). As the largest shareholder in HYBE with a 31.8% stake, his stock valuation closed at ₩2.65 trillion KRW (about $2.03 billion USD), which is still more than the three of his peers combined.

Bang Si Hyuk | Forbes

Netizens are in awe that HYBE still managed to soar ahead of all the big three companies despite its stock value suffering a 55.63% drop in the year-to-date estimate. While many seemed to agree that JYP garnered increased valuation primarily based on its laser focus on music, others showed concern for the future of YG.

| Naver
| Naver
  • “He blew 2 trillion won and still has 2 trillion won left, he’s on another playing field from the rest of them.”
  • “Even after decreasing 2 trillion won, Hybe is multiples ahead of the three other entertainment companies combined.”
  • “Is YG closing shop…;;??”
  • “JYP has been sticking to just the music industry.. and I wish him all the success for it.”
  • “Hybe has sure made a lot off of BTS… it is quite amazing.”
  • “The issue with JYP is they only produce music aimed for little kids, and all of their singers end up with no money by the end of their careers. With SM, all of their artists end up rich. JYP lacks the ability to turn popularity into cash. Only the ones who left JYP ended up rich like Rain, Sunmi, Jay Park, and Hyuna.”
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