Former SM Entertainment Trainee Go Eun Shares A Sweet Date With Red Velvet’s Irene

She even got her autograph.

When SM Rookies were first launched, oldest unnie and main vocal Go Eun was one of the fan favorites. She often showcased her insane vocal talent through live performances on Mickey Mouse Club.

Despite the hype surrounding Go Eun, she eventually left the company along with many of the other SM Rookies. Although many fans expected Go Eun to debut, she ended up living a normal life as a student. Fans were pleasantly surprised with a recent Instagram post that showed off her friendship with Red Velvet‘s Irene.

Go Eun met up with Irene for a meal at a luxurious restaurant that fans identified as Schedule Cheongdam. They shared a plate of kimchi fried rice and steak.

| <em@letsgoeunn/Instagram
| <em@letsgoeunn/Instagram

Go Eun even got an autograph from Irene.

| <em@letsgoeunn/Instagram

Go Eun even got Irene’s autograph for her dongsaeng.

The day I had a date with my beloved Joohyun unnie. And since I got her autograph for my dongsaeng, my dongsaeng even diligently went to laminate it to preserve the autograph.

— Go Eun

Fans were delighted to see that the two are still close. Perhaps their trainee period overlapped as they both trained for a long time at SM Entertainment in their youth.

It is not the first time that Go Eun has shown off her close ties with her friends at SM Entertainment. Previously, she shared that

‘s Karina had given her perfume.

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