Meet The SM Entertainment Trainee Who Was Born In 2009

Were you preparing for a comeback at 11 years old?

This trainee from SM Entertainment has been getting attention from netizens recently…and it’s no secret why.

Born in 2009, he’s barely over a decade old!

Netizens say his visuals are SM Entertainment’s style and even bears some resemblance to a few of their artists.

SM is amazing. They’re sweeping through all the handsome kids starting from that age.

Welcome to NCT 2030.

— Pann Nate Netizens

Do you see NCT’s Taeyong in him? Or perhaps more of Infinite’s L or JYJ’s Jaejoong?

Some netizens believe becoming a trainee at 11 years old is too young and that he should live with his parents longer.

This poor kid will never experience a normal childhood.

— Netizen

Do you agree that 11 is too young or do you think it’s okay that he’s given more time to pursue his dreams?

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