SMROOKIES’ Shohei Reveals That EXO’s Sehun Inspired Him To Be A Singer And How They Met For The First Time

What a lucky fanboy!

Fans are getting to find out all sorts of details about the newest SMROOKIES through the new reality program Welcome To NCT Universe including how EXO’s Sehun inspired Shohei to be a singer.

SMROOKIES’ Shohei | WWD Magazine
EXO’s Sehun | DAZED

Through Welcome To NCT Universe SMROOKIES’ Shohei, Seunghan, and Eunseok are being properly introduced to the SM Entertainment family along with hosts Sungchan and Shotaro. During the first episode’s interview segment, Sungchan asked rookies what inspired them to become singers and Shohei shared that once he saw EXO’s Sehun he wanted to become a singer like him!

When Sungchan asks if it was only Sehun, Shohei confirms that the EXO member was his sole inspiration and that “everything that I want is because of him.

This is confirmed in Shohei’s written self-introduction where he says yet again that Sehun was the cause of his career.

Reason for becoming a singer: I pursued my dream while watching EXO Sehun sunbaenim.

Shotaro then asks if Shohei has gotten the chance to meet him, which he confirms that he did at a company meeting although he was too nervous to say much of anything to him.

Because of that, the two hosts tell Shohei to send Sehun a special message, which he does, even though he seems a bit shy doing so!

Hi, it’s been a while. It’s Shohei. Sehun hyung… Now…I love you so much. I’m always rooting for you. I really hope I’ll get a chance to have more company dinners with you. I love you.

— Shohei

Shohei has already impressed fans with his skills when he, Shotaro, Sungchan, and the other rookies performed during SM Entertainment’s family concertSMTOWN LIVE in Suwon in late August this year. Now fans are awaiting his official debut and the possibility of a collaboration with Sehun!


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