A Snack Brand That Chuu Once Endorsed Comes To Her Defense Against Blockberry Creative’s “Unverified” Allegations

The brand’s vouching comes amid an outpour of support for the star.

A former company whose brand Chuu had formerly endorsed came to the idol’s defense amid unverified allegations made by her label Blockberry Creative, that she had abused her agency’s staff members.

BlockBerry Creative Announces Chuu Has Been Kicked Out Of LOONA

On November 26, the snack company, Mono Lab, expressed its support for Chuu. Chuu had prior been an endorsement model for one of Mono Labs’ brands.

Chuu | Mono Labs

In an Instagram post, the company uploaded a picture of the idol. The picture is captioned “Justice for Chuu.” Along with the picture, the snack company wrote a brief message expressing their support for Chuu.

We are heartbroken at the unfortunate news regarding our prior model Chuu. We hope the truth is revealed as soon as possible.

— Smart Snack

The snack company’s support for Chuu follows an outpour of support from staff members she had previously worked with.

Meanwhile, news broke on November 28 that nine members of LOONA have filed an injunction to suspend their contract with Blockberry Creative. The news follows a newly released statement from the group’s label in which they deflected fans’ requests for them to provide evidence of the alleged abuse at the hands of Chuu.

9 Members Of LOONA Reportedly File Injunction To Suspend Contract With BlockBerry Creative

Source: Wikitree
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