Girls’ Generation’s Yuri And Actor Jung Il Woo Cast For New Sageuk Drama “Bossam – Stealing Fate”

Another sageuk on the to-watch list!

SONEs will be happy to know that Girls’ Generation‘s shining black pearl, Yuri, has been cast for a new saguek drama, tentatively titled Bossam – Stealing Fate.

This will be her first challenge at acting in a sageuk, a drama set in the olden days. SM Entertainment has announced to news outlets that Yuri has received the casting offer and she is positively considering the role.

The drama is about Ba Woo, a matchmaker of sorts, that serves widowed women and connects them with new husbands. He then accidentally kidnaps a princess. This is where the working title of the drama comes in, as bossam can mean to “wrap away” or effectively to kidnap. A love story then blossoms between Ba Woo and the princess Soo Kyung as he becomes framed by conspirators.

Jung Il Woo has been cast in the main role of Ba Woo and is said to be positively reviewing the offer as well. If the two join hands for the drama, it will certainly be an epic. Jung Il Woo rose to fame with the High Kick! series as well as his leading roles in Flower Boy Ramen Shop and The Moon That Embraces The Sun while Yuri has been rising in the dramaworld with webseries such as Gogh, The Starry Night and The Sound Of Your Heart Reboot.

Source: Newsen

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