Soccer Player Son Heung Min Reveals How BTS Became His Support System While Living Abroad

“I’m their biggest fan.”

BTS and their music have become a source of happiness for many, including professional soccer player Son Heung Min!

On July 7, Son Heung Min, who plays as a forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and captains the South Korea national team, did an interview with Bae Sung Jae for Volvo Korea’s YouTube channel! After a discussion about the athlete’s career, Bae Sung Jae asked Son Heung Min about his interest outside of soccer. Since everyone in the world has been falling in love with K-Pop, Bae Sung Jae asked the athlete, “Do you listen to K-Pop too? If so, which groups do you listen to?

Like most of the world, Son Heung Min revealed he does in fact listens to K-Pop and shared, “If you’re Korean, you listen to BTS.” Son Heung Min then went on to praise BTS’s success and expressed how proud he is.

BTS is making history in the UK too and I’m grateful for them as a fellow Korean.

— Son Heung Min

Furthermore, Son Heung Min conveyed just how impactful BTS is to him personally.

They’ve become somewhat of a support system for me, helping me overcome the difficulties of living abroad. I appreciate them and I’m their biggest fan.

— Son Heung Min

This isn’t the first time Son Heung Min has mentioned BTS before. Back in 2019, BTS performed at London’s Wembley Stadium where the members showed support for Son Heung Min who was playing in the UEFA Champion’s League the same day. Son Heung even responded to BTS’s support and thanked them!

A more recent moment between the two was when Jimin adorably was unable to recognize Son Heung Min’s picture during a fast quiz. Following this, The Tottenham Hotspur F.C. (the club that Son Heung Min plays for) responded to the cute moment on Twitter.

Of course, there are several more interactions between the stars and we’re here for it!

Check out the clip below:

Source: Top Star News